Spectacular Beaches Of Tenerife Island

Tenerife is the major holiday destination and one of the most famous islands among seven Canary Islands. It holds several beautiful spectacular beaches, lively nightlife, lush forests, deserts, great mountains, volcanoes and excellent coastlines. El Teide is the capital of the Tenerife and it is well known as third largest volcano in the World. It is also very popular destination for holidaymakers from the Spanish peninsula mostly in December.


Around five million holiday makers will visit to Tenerife Island annually to enjoy the fabulous holiday vacation. Most of the visitors will arrive from British and Germany to make parties near coastlines, pubs and bars. It is considered as one of the famous landmark in the country with the architectural symbol of the Canary Islands and the modern Auditorio de Tenerife. Tenerife Holidays has been providing best deals for holiday makers to enjoy fabulous holidays with family, friends, couples or groups. It will be a good experience for tourists to travel with Cheap All Inclusive Tenerife Holidays.

Seafood is considered as favorite cuisine of the Island including prawns, langostines, mussels and octopus. Tenerife Island will provide several types of cheese made of goat milk like soft cheese, cured and smoked cheeses. You can found different types of wines for the visitor’s such as bona, Tacoronte-Acentejo, Valle de La Orotava, Valle de Guimar and Yconden Daute Isora. Tenerife Holidays will provide accommodations in luxury hotels and return back flight ticket to your favorite destination.


Teide National Park is reported as one of the oldest national park in Spain, located in the Tenerife Canary Islands. It will attract more than 2.8 million holiday makers every year. You can watch different types of species in the Teide National Park such as hemipterans hymenopterae and Beeties. Siam Park is natural beauty of Tenerife Island with stunning wave machines and flowing rivers. Tourists can take part in water activities such as The Volcano, The Tower of Power, Wave Palace, Naga Racer, Jungle Snake, Sea Lion Island, Mekong Rapids and many more. Tourists can get the good opportunity to book holiday trip with Tenerife Holidays with best fares.

Los Gigantes is popular for resorts and you can spend great time near black sand beach located in between rocks and the marina. Most of the British tourists love to visit regularly to spend their holiday vacation in Tenerife for its good Sunshine, sceneries, seaside resorts, bars and night clubs. Tenerife serves two major international Airports in the Island with Terminals are North Airport and South Airport, where tourism is the major part of the Tenerife economy. You can participate in other activities like Scuba divers, speed boat, Jet Ski surfing, and wind surfing. Tourists are excited to take part in amazing drives and long winding mountain roads with breathtaking views on the Island. Cheap All Inclusive Tenerife Holidays will offer amazing offers for holiday makers to make memorable trip to Tenerife Islands.


La Laguna is one of the major cities on the northern part of the Tenerife Island in the Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It will be features amazing architectural monuments, palaces and traditional houses. Tourists must prefer to visit to watch out Iglesia de la Concepcion, Museo de Historia y Antropologia de, Plaza del Adelantado and many more.

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